But, Saren, how do I access your server and do sh*t? (Remote access)

Remote accessing a Linux machine on Windows using PuTTY


  1. Fill this sh*t
  2. Fill your sht into dat sht
  3. Select your private sh*t
  4. Save your sh*t, or your will have to repeat 1-3 again and hate your life forever
  5. Click dat sh*t
  6. (Y)
  7. You have logged in to my sh*t, congratulations
  8. Basic shts, feel free to ask more or search for linux tutorials for beginners (vbird is the sht, go there)
  9. After attaching, you will see your sht. To get out, press Ctrl+A, then press “D” button on your keyboard, gently.
    If you want to kill your sh
    t (dangerous), press ctrl+a, then press “K” then press “Y”. You will be very likely to lose your sh*t if you are going to do dat.
  10. You have detached from your sht, feel free to do other linux sht.


Last modified: 2017-02-25 14:52:38
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