But, Saren, how do I access your server and do sh*t? (Uploading files)

I don’t use password for remote accessing to my server, so you will have to generate SSH key pair before you actually doing any sh*t in my server.

Generating SSH Key

Use PuTTYgen for that (or just give me your existing public key, or $ ssh-keygen if you know how to do it)


  1. Click “Generate”

  2. Shake your mouse and move your ass violently. (On the puttygen window)

  3. Save your public key and private key, give me your public key (open in notepad).
    I DON’T WANT your private key. Store it somewhere else safely.

  4. Give me your public key

Uploading/Download files

Use Filezilla for that

  1. Add your private key (just generated / stored)

  2. You should be seeing your files like that, otherwise it’s your (mostly) / my fault


Last modified: 2017-02-25 14:49:19
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